Envision ability

We believe expanding mobility makes anything possible.


One small step

When Honda’s ASIMO – our “Advanced Step in Innovation Mobility” – was born, it set the stage for technologies that bring joy and enrich the lives of people who use them.

An illustration of a speech bubble.

Multilingual Machine

Speaking your language.

In addition to English and Japanese, ASIMO also communicates in sign language.

An illustration of a person walking.

Getting Going

We’re helping people walk.

ASIMO’s technology evolved into our Walking Assist Device, used for walking rehabilitation.

An illustration of a graduation cap.

STEM Inspiration

ASIMO gives career guidance.

Honda uses ASIMO to inspire students to study science, technology, engineering and math.

A Giant Leap

We believe robotics and people can work together, making the most of each other’s strengths and helping us reach our full potential. That’s the thinking that went into our Autonomous Work Vehicle, designed to empower humans and enhance our experiences.

Autonomous work vehicle

Our AWV comes equipped with GPS and four-wheel drive for maximum maneuverability everywhere from dense forests to busy cities. This compact powerhouse is great for dangerous, difficult or even mundane jobs. The AWV is already working hard alongside firefighters, agricultural scientists and more.

Going sky-high

Compact yet spacious. Faster yet more fuel efficient. Lightweight yet powerful. The Honda Jet takes to the skies to redefine business-class flying.

Image of Honda Jet engine.

Over-The-Wing Engine

Our unique engine design increases aerodynamic performance by reducing drag at high speeds. Engines on the wings mean faster flights, less fuel and more cabin space.

Image of a red and grey Honda jet flying in the sky.

The Opposite of Turbulence

The Natural Laminar Flow design of the wings and nose elevates passenger comfort by minimizing turbulence and encouraging easy gliding.

Image of Honda jet cockpit.

Carbon Composite Fuselage

A combination of honeycomb sandwich panels and stiffened panels made from carbon composite means our jet is lighter and stronger.

Image of yellow Honda Jet in front of a Honda building.

A Honda-Worthy Engine

The HF120 Turbofan Engine means our jet is high thrust, lightweight, and quiet. Plus, the emissions are remarkably reduced.

Interior view of Honda Jet cabin.

Complete Cabin Comfort

With advanced avionics systems, an extra-large storage compartment and a stylish interior, the HondaJet has been designed with modern comforts in mind.

Red and silver Honda Jet flying in the sky.

Reaching New Heights

The HondaJet flies at a class-leading maximum altitude of 43,000 feet, higher than commercial jets. This equals faster speeds and smoother flights.

Fun riding at every speed

The Honda Riding Assist-e is a self-balancing motorcycle which reduces the risk of falling over.

Image of a man riding the Honda RideAssist self-balancing motorcycle.

A finer balance

Instead of relying on bulky gyroscopes, the Honda Riding Assist-e leverages our robotics technology to bring a powerful new player to the co-operative mobility ecosystem.

Hit the Roadarrow_drop_up

Improving innovation

On the ground and up in the air, embracing the power of dreams enhances the way we move.

A woman walks using Honda’s Walking Assist Device.

Walking Assist

Building on research that began with ASIMO, our Walking Assist Device uses cooperative control technology to help people with restricted mobility move more easily.

A woman walks beside a woman on a Honda UNI-CUB


The UNI-CUB featured the world’s first omni-directional driving wheel system. It moves in all directions by simply shifting body weight.

The Honda NeuV Concept vehicle.

Honda NeuV

An electric, automated vehicle designed for urban environments, the Honda NeuV envisions a new era of mobility throughout autonomous car-sharing. It even has an AI assistant that learns from drivers.