Forging forward

We take pride in building the Honda CR-V and the Honda Civic.

Driving production

In 2020, we proudly saw our nine-millionth vehicle rolling off the line in Alliston, Ontario. Over 35 years of building cars and light trucks here in Canada, we’ve invested more than $4.2 billion in our manufacturing facilities and we’re not putting the brakes on any time soon.

Planting our roots

We cut the ribbon on our first Canadian plant in 1986. See how we’ve built one of Honda’s top manufacturing facilities, while building products that bring joy to the Canadians who use them.

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Every Sixty Seconds

We’re a well-oiled machine.

At Plant 1 and 2, a new vehicle comes off the production line almost every minute.

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Down to Business

How many people does it take to build a Honda.

More than 4,200 manufacturing associates call Honda home.

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The Car Next Door

We like to stay close to home.

60% of Honda vehicles sold in Canada are manufactured here too.

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Building Civic Nation

It’s #1 for a reason.

About 210,000 Honda Civic vehicles are built in Canada each year.

Going Local

We build vehicles for Canadians right here in Canada. Our HCM campus in Alliston, Ontario features manufacturing facilities.

A video of the Honda manufacturing line.

Civic central

Plant 1 has been the home of the Honda Civic since 1988. Canadians have a special relationship with the Civic – how else could it be the top-selling car in the country for 24 straight years? Today, Plant 1 acts as the global lead for the tenth-generation Civic, and we build Sedan, Coupe and Si models in Canada.

Work with us

We’re always looking for more skilled, passionate associates to join our family. Do you believe in the power of dreams?

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On the line

Ever wonder what goes into building a car from scratch? Here's how we make Honda Civic and CR-V models each and every day.

Metal is stamped to form a new Honda frame.


Our stamping lines form steel parts with stamping dies under high pressure. Once each piece passes inspection, it moves on to welding.

A robot welds a Honda vehicle's frame.


We use robotics welders to join sub-assemblies, made up of multiple types of materials.

A freshly painted Honda frame.


We prepare the body for painting with dip tanks, adding a corrosion-protective coating before robotically applying a sealer, sound deadener, anti-chip primer and top coat.

A Honda associate inspects a new vehicle.

Final Assembly

Once each body hits assembly, we install the thousands of components that make up the final vehicle.

A Honda associate inspects a new vehicle.

Vehicle Quality

After we confirm vehicle function, such as brakes and alignment, every Honda is tested on our track to make sure everything is working as designed.

A new car in front of a Honda dealership.

To Your Dealer

Finally, the finished product is shipped to a dealer – and ultimately welcomed home by someone like you.